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Dye Strip

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Case of 100 Strips, Case of 300 Strips, Case of 1,000 Strips

Dye Strip is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable & water-soluble concentrated dye for small to moderate water-volume applications. Dye Strip is a patented impregnated dye, approximately 6.35cm x 10.16cm Individually wrapped in a perforated package for clean & fast release applications.

Dye Strip won’t freeze & is ideal for cold weather tracing dye applications.

Dye Strip is clean to handle, making it an ideal choice for indoor dye testing applications.

Dye Strip is available in quantities of 100, 300 and 1000 (colors can be mixed).

Examine leaks & water movement in a multitude of systems, sewer maintenance, downspout cross-connections, septic system inspections, flow time & circulation studies, pollution studies.



1 strip: per 375 gallons of water.

Note: due to many variables (amount of water, visible light, rate of flow, distance traveled, concentration of solids, user preference, etc.) additional dye might be required for a stronger visual detection.

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