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Toilet Dye


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200 packets

Toilet Dye (patented)

Stop that leak today!
Conserve water, save money on your water bill.

Water is a precious commodity that should not be wasted.


What is it?

Norlab’s patented Toilet Dye is a flat dye impregnated strip, that is easily mailed (unlike tablets), safe to use and biodegradable. We package 2 Toilet Dye strips (2 separate toilet tests) per bag.

Note: Norlab can customize package quantity for your specific needs.


How it works

  1. Drop 1 Toilet Dye strip into the toilet tank (not the bowl.)
  2. Wait 30 minutes. Do NOT flush toilet.
  3. If the blue dye appears in the toilet bowl, during this time, the toilet has a leak. Call a plumber for service.
  4. Flush the toilet until dye disappears.

Buy (4) Cases, Get (1) Case FREE

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