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Tracing Dye Bag


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(20) Water Soluble Bags

Tracing Dye Bag is a highly concentrated safe, non-toxic, biodegradable & water-soluble powder dye, enclosed in a 11.5mm x 6.5mm water-soluble bag.

Tracing Dye Bag immediately dissolves in water, quickly releasing the dye powder resulting in fast & accurate field results. Ideal for moderate to large water-volume tracer applications.

Tracing Dye Bag is an ideal choice for septic system inspections & indoor applications. It is a clean dye testing alternative…No mess. You never touch or inhale dye dust.

Examine leaks & water movement in a multitude of systems, sewer maintenance, downspout cross-connections, septic system inspections, flow time & circulation studies, pollution studies.



1 x Tracing Dye Bag per 1,500 gallons of water or sewage.

Note: due to many variables (amount of water, visible light, rate of flow, distance traveled, concentration of solids, user preference, etc.) additional dye might be required for a stronger visual detection.


How to Use

Simply remove the water-soluble bag from the outer package & drop directly into the toilet & flush several times. Tracer Dye Bag will not clog the toilet, as the water-soluble bag immediately dissolves releasing the dye. Tracer Dye Bag can be dropped directly into any water/sewage source, including downspouts, sink holes & a myriad of other dye applications.

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